Bruce Fogelson

Bruce Fogelson

Bruce Fogelson

Bruce Fogelson is a man of many diverse endeavors with a large body of work. He is currently working on, an online platform that promises to streamline the way that charities get funding from sponsors. Bruce’s real estate company Paramount Homes has won the Chicago Realtors “Good Neighbor Award” nearly every year since 1993.

A graduate from the University of Denver with a degree in Real Estate Development, Bruce has over 25 years of experience in real estate. He’s also a holder of intellectual property with several patents and endless ideas.

Bruce is also an author and has recently completed his first book that he considers to be his own instructional manual to life. His innovative outlooks on life led to him nearly predicting social networking on the internet in the early 2000’s.

Another interest of Bruce’s is his love of giving to charity. A frequent supporter of the American Theatre Company and Chicago Science Fair, he’s also a huge supporter of Chicago public schools. Bruce donates to education programs and donates books to libraries.

Developing neighborhoods in Chicago is what Bruce is best known for. With Paramount Homes, Bruce has grown into covering all the bases of real estate. Starting as a builder for single family homes, he progressed to rowhomes, townhomes, mixed use condominiums and commercial projects. Bruce constantly pushes himself to evolve within his profession.

Bruce aims to earn respect from not only the people he builds for, but also from those in the neighborhoods he builds in. He believes that every single development that he has worked with has had some kind of public value directed outside of the project boundary. To go above and beyond with the community in mind is Bruce’s creed.

Ad Books are one of the most effective forms of fundraising for charities, nonprofits, and other organizations, but creating them can be a hassle, often forcing organizations to entirely drop Ad Books from their fundraising strategy. That’s why Bruce Fogelson created an online platform that combines the entire Ad Book process into one easy-to-use website. is one initiative for streamlining charity services out of many that has sprung from his company For more information, check out

Hangman 247

It started as an art project. Bruce Fogelson drafted stick-man illustrations of the 7 Deadly Sins with blank spaces underneath. After all, there are only 7 letters in “Hangman.” But the project soon took on a life of its own. Unlike traditional Hangman, where the letters come first and dictate the manner in which the ill-fated stick-man may meet his demise, Bruce decided to let the images dictate the words. For more info, check out the official site:

Code of Jewish Law

Between 2002 and 2015, Bruce Fogelson undertook the task of translating and abridging The Code of Jewish Law from “Olde English” to contemporary English. This abridged version is the product of sifting through 221 chapters and approximately 2,756 “rules.” Although the book very much resembles a user’s manual for Orthodox Judaism, many of its observations transcend religious boundaries and offer helpful suggestions on leading a healthy and harmonious life. You can check it out for yourself at

Bruce Fogelson grew up in a religiously Reformed suburb in North Chicago. He attended a synagogue that did not support Bar Mitzvah’s. It wasn’t until Bruce, along with a friend, underwent a harrowing journey across Egypt in to war-torn Israel in 1982 that Bruce received a Bar Mitzvah just steps from the Wailing Wall–one of the holiest places in the Jewish world.

In 1983, back in Chicago, Bruce ran into the same friend with whom he had undergone his transformative journey.  This friend introduced Bruce to Orthodox Judaism, which opened up a new world of reflection to Bruce.