Bruce Fogelson

Bruce Fogelson

Bruce Fogelson

Bruce Fogelson is a man of many diverse endeavors.  He is currently working on, an online platform that promises to create a new way that charities and other not-for-profits raise funds from sponsors and donors in exchange for the recognition they deserve. Bruce Fogelson’s real estate career features his company Paramount Homes, winner of the Chicago Realtors “Good Neighbor Award” 14 times and in practically every category since 1993.  Bruce’s real estate career stretches back to include analyst and commercial real estate broker. The mix of builder/developer and charity can be seen in his personal community development site,  As an inventor in both real estate and charity, he’s also a holder of four patents for builder/buyer construction selections titled “Builder OnLine Assistant” and two patents on the charity side titled “method and process of creating advertising (ad) books“, with more pending.  His inventive insights in both building and charity technology dates back even before his patents that were first filed in 2000. Bruce has been a detailed study of both the real estate and building business along with charity technology before and since.

A graduate of the University of Denver with a degree in Real Estate and Finance, Bruce Fogelson has over 30 years of experience in every type of real estate, from commercial brokerage to all kinds of development.  Bruce’s real estate and planning consulting work extends all the way from Chicago to China.

Bruce Fogelson’s intertwining of real estate and charity led to the creation of the first ever urban charity designer’s showcase of homes as a fundraiser.  Bruce created and hosted the first ever “Chicago Showcase Of Homes” which featured sponsors and sold tickets with all proceeds for charity.  Three of his luxury homes were professionally decorated by 7 signature ASID interior designers and then open for tours for weeks to raise thousands of dollars for local public schools.

Further, Bruce created the first Top Chef competition for real estate brokers after hosting the Chicago season of the T.V. show Top Chef in one of his luxury homes.  Bruce created the Top Chef Broker charity event for local real estate brokers to compete with their own homemade selections.  Once again, all proceeds for the local Chicago Public School.

Bruce’s unique blend of charity and real estate dates back to the early days of his firm when he was one of 8 builders featured in the first and second urban Parade Of Homes for charity, hosted by the Chicago chapter of the Home Builders Association.

Developing neighborhoods in Chicago is what Bruce Fogelson is best known for. His company motto “Building Homes and Creating Neighborhoods” says volumes about his work as both real estate and neighborhood developer.

With Paramount Homes, from 1987, Bruce Fogelson has grown into covering all the bases of real estate. Starting as a builder for neighborhood single family homes, he progressed to luxury homes, row homes, townhomes, condos and mixed-use condominiums and commercial projects. Bruce constantly pushes himself to evolve within his profession. Plus, he believes that every single development that he has worked with has had some kind of public value directed outside of the project boundary.  Bruce’s pioneering work in transportation-oriented development (TOD) integrated features for electric cars and car-sharing long before what they have become today.  His noted work even led to consulting with newly developing cities in China.  His work as an educated real estate developer, Bruce was on the front lines of every aspect of the site selection, planning, design, bid, construction management, marketing, sales or leasing, title, closing and post-closing tasks.

Bruce conceived and his family foundation is the principal sponsor of the “Chicago Innovation Challenge” through IIT.  This innovative “pitch competition” for young people is open to local university students and CPS High school students and provides cash awards for winners for them to go on to develop their ideas.

A frequent supporter of all education, Bruce helped develop the American Theatre Company Education program with Chicago Public School for students to grow with the theater arts. In addition to support of arts in education, Bruce has been innovative in the sciences.  Bruce devised and funds over a dozen special math awards for students in the STEM Chicago Science Fair.  In addition to the formal programs Bruce has created he has participated in the CPS Principal For A Day and Real Men Read programs and personally donates books to his adopted schools in both the U.S. and China for years.

Bruce is also a writer and has recently transcribed his first book from the 1500’s that is considered to be the instructional manual to life at that time and since.   The legendary and significant “Code Of Jewish Law” has been reinterpreted and created a searchable website at   For fun, Bruce developed reverse on the age-old game “Hangman” the online at

Hangman 247

Bruce has even developed an online game.  It started as an art project. Bruce Fogelson drafted stick-man illustrations with blank spaces underneath.  But the project soon took on a life of its own and Bruce worked it on into a fun and interesting online game. Unlike traditional Hangman, where the letters come first and dictate the manner in which the plain ill-fated stick-man may meet his demise, Bruce decided to let interesting stick figure images dictate the words. Now the stick figures in various situations and you have to guess the word that they depict.  There are dozens and dozens of fun and funny situations to try to figure out. People who play the game say it’s enthralling. For more info and to play, check out the game site:

Code of Jewish Law

Between 2002 and 2015, Bruce Fogelson undertook the task of translating and abridging the 1500’s volume, known as The Code of Jewish Law, from “Olde English” to contemporary English. This abridged version is the product of sifting through and rewriting the  221 chapters and approximately 2,756 “rules.” (Not the 613 Jewish commandments). Although the book very much resembles a user’s manual for Orthodox Judaism, many of its observations transcend religious boundaries and offer helpful suggestions on leading a healthy and harmonious life.  Bruce then took it a step further by creating an online searchable version for easy reference.  You can check it out for yourself at

Ad Books are one of the most effective forms of fundraising for charities, nonprofits, and other organizations, but creating them can be a hassle, over time forcing organizations to entirely drop Ad Books from their fundraising strategy. That’s why Bruce Fogelson created an online platform that combines the Ad Book process into one easy-to-use website. is one initiative for streamlining charity services out of many that has sprung from his company AdBook, llc. For more information, check out,,, and  Bruce has expanded the concept for both online and print at his Adbook Assistant in development at


Bruce lived in Indianapolis as a child but was raised in Highland Park and Chicago, Illinois since the age of six and attended Highland Park High School and the University of Denver. Bruce lives in Chicago with his wife and has three children.